The Voice of James

Husband, Father, Faith based living, and an off-the-grid enthusiast with a great sense of humor.

 With me, you get more than a voice…you get personality. Naturally warm,  deep and well seasoned, I can provide a wide range of tones and dialects  to fit the needs of you, your clients and customers, and your project. Years of experience in theater have provided me with the skills to  interpret a script and find the personality that the role demands. Need  an impersonation? It’s my forte. From modern cartoon characters such as  Eric Cartman, to modern Presidents such as Bill Clinton…just ask, and  it’s probably in my vocal toolbox. But creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum. That’s why collaboration is  so important on projects. While I’m more than happy to be given an open  field to play in on an assignment, I love working with people to help  make their vision come to life. I’m easy to work with, and will do  whatever it takes to help you and your project be a success. So, whether  you’re looking for something confident, professional and authoritative,  or something a bit more animated and whimsical, I would love the  opportunity to collaborate with you. 




Here is a list of all the audiobooks I've done so far:


Contemporary Fiction Short Stories

Alpha Male

Nowhere to Run

Praying for the Impossible

The Dynamics of the Holy Spirit

By His Stripes: God’s Promises & Prayers for Healing

Meditations: Meditation for Beginners

Take it by Force

Chromosome Quest

Chromosome Conspiracy

630 Acidic Prayers

Why Does God Hate Me? How to Strengthen Your Faith in the Midst of a Spiritual Drought

120 Powerful Night Prayers That Will Change Your Life Forever

The Glory Has Come

Fire for Fire: Prayer Book, Part 1

Days Until Home

The Spiritual Armor Prayer

Woman in the Woods

Path of Progress

Mission Trip: Genesis Exodus

Command the Night with 90 Decrees and Prophecies

The Worst of Us

John of the Smiles

Sundered Rock

The Mystery of the Lost Uniforms

Self Confidence: Unleash Your Hidden Potential and Breakthrough Your Limitations of Confidence

How to Meditate on God's Word

Worship Without Limits

Another Satisfied Client

Here is a voice over project that I was booked for, and it was used for a company-wide sales emporium. I give you: Labelmaster's Dangerous Goods Professional

Audiobook Samples

Chromosome Quest


When the crazy old guy and his mysterious redheaded companion recruited Fitz, they didn't mention the dinosaurs.

Travel, they promised! Adventure! Riches! That the job was on another  planet where they must live and train among a dying, desperate alien  civilization must have slipped their minds.

Chromosome Conspiracy


The Aliens have come for him!

After completing Chromosome Quest, Fitz is just getting his life in  order when Certified Agent Alex Marco appears with a mystery; one of  Fitz’s "fictional" characters has walked straight out of his book and  landed in Alex’s morgue!

Nowhere to Run

 Former FBI Special Agent Victoria Davenport is  tough, smart, and gets things done. But when her husband is brutally  murdered by a vicious psychopath in the Russian mob, she finds herself  in a life and death game of cat and mouse with a trained killer. 

Woman in the Woods


In 1912, a young girl is found dead. In  present day, young Jeremy's parents are involved in a murder-suicide.  Soon after, he is committed to an insane asylum.

Years later, Jeremy turns 18 and is released.