Richard Lovegood


Author By Inspiration

 Richard Lovegood is an author, who thrives off of storytelling. His first book, Fate of the Dragon, is book one in The Little Fire Series trilogy. His passion for writing is stemmed from his love for the theater. All things considered, he is the IMCOM-Europe 2008 One Act Play Festival award winner for Best Actor, as well as the Grapevine High School Theater award for Best Impersonation of a Tree. Richard has served a combined total of 14 years in the military in two branches; Navy and Army. Given that, he has traveled all over the world and has experienced many different cultures; how people talk, act, and interact with one another. He has taken his worldly knowledge and applied it to his craft. He now lives in the Midwest with his amazing wife, and their four children.  


The Little Fire Series

A three part series depicted in a fictitious setting, spanning from thriller to science fiction. So far, the books are currently under revision as I seek out a better platform for selling my books. Stay tuned for the re-release of book 1: Fate of the Dragon!